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The luxury scene in Bali has exploded over the last 10 years, to the extent that it’s hard to choose from the countless five-star hotels. It’s the extras that tend to set the properties apart, whether that means the inclusion of complimentary surf lessons or the world-class spa treatments with locally sourced ingredients.

One Balinese hotel experience that makes your stay at HOSHINOYA Bali over the top is, of course, the fact that they serve guests brunch in a steel treehouse floating in the middle of the jungle.

HOSHINOYA Bali is in Ubud, an inland, jungle region of Bali (about an hour-and-a-half drive from the beach towns like Canggu or Seminyak). And HOSHINOYA Bali is situated in the outer reaches of Ubud; the secluded property is tucked away from the bustle of town and the space capitalizes on jungle serenity. Between the meditative silence that falls over the property, the tropical surroundings, and the sparkling pool that each room has direct access to, it’s impossible not to completely unwind here.

And, of course, for the ultimate relaxing experience, you can reserve brunch in HOSHINOYA’s floating gazebos. The steel treehouses, called the Café Gazebos on property, overlook the Ubud jungle and are perched over a 558-foot deep valley. Time slows down as you let the sound of the Pakerisan River, the smell of lemongrass and fresh rain, and the view of the Balinese jungle overwhelm your senses.

As for the actual brunch served in the Café Gazebos, HOSHINOYA Bali’s cuisine is all about a modern and Japanese-inspired take on traditional Balinese fare. They typically serve guests terang bulan, an Indonesia-style pancake, as well as freshly baked pastries, a local fruit spread (don’t skimp on the Balinese fruit, it’s unreal), and French-pressed coffee or tea. It’s arguably one of the best places in the world to start your day.


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