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A First Look at Jackson Hole’s Newest Luxury Hotel, The Cloudveil

It’s the first and only hotel to touch Town Square.


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Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a bit of a travel anomaly. The destination attracts down-to-earth nature lovers from around the world, thanks to vast and breathtaking mountain ranges, close wildlife encounters, and dozens of popular outdoor activities like fly fishing and mountain biking—but it’s also home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country, attracting celebrities and billionaires in droves. Somehow, the city acts as a common denominator, drawing clientele from all walks of life, and accommodating them accordingly. For that reason, the hotel and resort offerings in the area are just as varied as its visitors. From upcycled motels and log cabins to ultra-luxe wellness resorts and spas, Jackson Hole has it all—except, ironically, a hotel in Town Square, at the epicenter of it all. Until now.

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The Cloudveil, an Autograph Collection hotel, will open in Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s Town Square on May 26, 2021. 100 rooms and 11 suites occupy a former bank that is deeply rooted in the historic town center—the building was used to host local high school proms and events dating back decades. The team behind the Cloudveil wanted to find a way to preserve that local history, while simultaneously giving back to the community, honoring the natural beauty of the area, and reflecting the times we live in. As such, the contemporary interior and exterior design of the building makes use of local, natural materials (stone, wood, and hides) that can be sourced back to the land and wildlife that peacefully coexist with the progress and tourism right in their backyard.

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The Cloudveil’s interior, in particular, is an extremely deliberate homage to nature, designed to create a lasting emotional connection between traveler and land, while preserving an air of genuine luxury and effortlessness. The materials inside are reflective not just of the materials outside, but also of the way you’d organically experience them in nature. The floor is paved with local earth. Saddle leather adorns the seats of stools. Authentic buffalo hides cover cozy armchairs. Reclaimed woods line the walls. The main staircase is suspended by cables, like a bridge, and the concierges are called “pathfinders.” The focal point of the lobby is a three-story granite wall, meant to keep you grounded, even as you ascend to higher floors. No detail was overlooked—even the carpeting throughout the Cloudveil, custom-made for the hotel, was directly inspired by the topography of the area. At the Cloudveil, there are no accidents.

Of course, no Autograph Collection hotel would sacrifice luxury for its art—instead, guests are almost subconsciously swept into a peaceful, lush respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown as soon as they cross the threshold. From high-tech conference rooms to picture windows, spa-like en-suite bathrooms to commissioned fine art, expansive mountain views to rooftop glamour, every facet of the experience is couched in the kind of luxury you’d expect only from the best of the best. To complement the hotel, Rocky Mountain restaurateur Gavin Fine, of the Fine Dining Restaurant Group, even introduced a new high-end restaurant concept: The Bistro. The Bistro’s menu will feature a raw bar, as well as a rotating menu of seasonally-inspired dishes, an extensive wine selection, and craft cocktails.

The Cloudveil is accepting reservations as soon as May 26.


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