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New Orlando Resort That's a Part of a Billion Dollar Development Features a Lagoon-Like 8-Acre Pool

It’s a tropical beach paradise in the middle of Florida.


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At this point, it’s pretty standard that luxury resorts have high-end pools available to guests. But a new property being built in Florida took that idea to a whole new level. Evermore Orlando Resort will feature an eight-acre pool that resembles a lagoon.

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The unique amenity is part of a billion-dollar-plus redevelopment of the former Villas at Grand Cypress that will open phase one in 2023. The 1,100-acre resort complex borders Walt Disney World and will eventually include 10,000-bedrooms spread among single homes, villas, flats, and a luxury Conrad hotel.

A 20-acre tropical beach complex lies at the heart of the resort and features an eight-acre crystaline water amenity by Crystal Lagoons called Evermore Bay. While it looks like a natural lagoon, the proprietary design is like a massive pool that uses up to 100 times fewer chemicals and takes just two percent of the energy required by a conventional swimming pool filtration system.

You’ll be able to safely lounge as you would in a typical pool, but it’s also large enough to engage in classic lake-like watersports. Cabanas and private fire-pits along the sandy edge enhance that beach-like feel. Other amenities will include a food hall, gourmet market, restaurants, private event space, and a new 18-hole Nicklaus Design.

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While this is one of the latest builds by Crystal Lagoons, their unique public access designs are popping up across the globe. Hawaii, Sydney, and New York floating crystaline lagoon designs are currently developing with the concept centered on building beachy swimming holes in natural or man-made lakes with poor water quality. Imagine turquoise waters in the middle of the Hudson River. Of course, residential developers are taking notice, and projects underway in Chile, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Spain, and more.

Incredibly (but not surprisingly), Crystal Lagoons was valued at $1.8 billion after only one year of operations.


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