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How We Travel: The Hotels We're Most Looking Forward to Visiting

How We Travel is a monthly series covering all things—big and small, near and far—related to what our editors love about traveling the world (or planning for that next great vacation).


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It's no secret that everyone on the team behind DEPARTURES is a big fan of globetrotting. Some of us have been in the industry for just a few years; some for decades. When we're not busy writing, editing, and producing content to share with all of you, we like to chat about our own travel dreams—of which there are many.

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Each month, we will be publishing a series called How We Travel—think of these articles as a peek into the minds' of our editors. We'll cover topics like bucket list destinations, things we seek out when traveling, our favorite staycation activities, and much more.

Of course, things haven't been easy on anyone in 2020. The travel industry needs our support more than ever, and rest assured that the DEPARTURES team simply cannot wait to get back out into the world to visit both hotly-anticipated new hotels and timeless properties that are top-of-mind for all of us.

Below, our editors weigh in on the hotel they just can't wait to book—as soon as it is safe to do so.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy

"I can’t wait to get myself back to Lake Como after my last visit ten years ago. Pre-pandemic I had May plans for a long weekend at one of the lake’s most glamorous getaways, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property. This family-run 110-year-old palace-hotel could be a Wes Anderson film set. I’m dreaming of sipping strong espressos on a terrace overlooking Bellagio, rotating between the hotel’s three stunning lake-side pools, and then setting off on a sunset stroll across Lake Como’s beautiful hamlets. If it’s good enough for the Clooneys…"

— Tal Dekel-Daks, Audience Engagement Editor

Las Alamandas

"I’m eager to visit some of my old favorite hotels in remote locations. Top of mind is Las Alamandas in Mexico’s Costalegre. It’s a secret little resort where you have your own casita on the beach and can take your meals in seclusion almost anywhere you like—on your terrace, on the rooftop, or toes in the sand wherever you please. The food is amazing, the margaritas are perfect, and the staff is a warm and welcoming family to all who visit."

— Jackie Caradonio, Travel Director

Saturnia Tuscany Resort

"Having the time now to research and add to my ever-growing bucket list, I can’t help but think about where I’ll be checking off first and I cannot wait to visit Saturnia Tuscany Resort. In the heart of the Tuscan Maremma sits this 39-room boutique hotel less than two miles away from the Saturnina Thermal Hot Springs. When we’re all safe and on the upswing, I’m looking forward to a trip filled with ultimate relaxation, a spa treatment or two, soaking in the stunning sites, and the opportunity to contribute back into the Italian economy with our tourism."

— Alessandra Amodio, Digital Photo Editor

Sensei Lana'i, A Four Seasons Resort

"Pretty much all of my travel inspo of late has come from the DEPARTURES 2020 Legend Awards. There is nothing I would love more right now than a massage and a full-blown wellness retreat, so I'm probably most looking forward to visiting Sensei Lana'i, A Four Seasons Resort. Because how incredible does a Hawaiian retreat sound now? Also at the top of my list are J.K. Place Paris, because let me tell you, the design is what the heart eyes emoji was created for, and American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property Raffles Hotel Singapore, because I am dying to get to Singapore and I'd relish the opportunity to eat at La Dame de Pic."

— Maya Kachroo-Levine, Special Projects Editor

Adare Manor, Ireland

"The pub culture, food scene, live music, and endless beautiful vistas make Ireland an unforgettable destination always worthy or a return trip. An Adare Manor, just outside of Limerick, has found a way to encapsulate the best of what the country has to offer. Guests can enjoy afternoon tea in the Gallery, take in a round of golf, stroll the beautiful gardens, take a falconry lesson, tour the property on a horse carriage, grab a cocktail or a bite at any of the restaurants—including the Michelin-starred Oak Room—or head into town for some shopping. The five-star property offers an opulent home-away-from-home atmosphere, where everything feels familiar but all of your needs are met (and exceeded.) With travel being on hold for the moment, a trip to a relaxing and beautiful place like Adare Manor seems like the perfect first stop."

— Sean Flynn, Deputy Digital Editor

North Island, Seychelles

All I can dream about right now: far-away islands, white-sand beaches, warm breezes, coconut cocktails, and over-water bungalows. The Seychelles have always been incredibly high on my bucket list, and North Island—a private island resort, known for being remarkably sustainable in practice—is the epitome of my ideal getaway. I want to hole up in one of the 11 villas on the property for days on end, wander among the towering palms, dine on fresh catch, and swim in that dream-like, crystal-clear water.

— Ellie Nan Storck, Associate Digital Editor

Kokomo Private Island Resort

“I have always been fascinated with remote islands such as Iceland, French Polynesia, and Hawaii and how luxury hotels there incorporate elements of local culture in their design to pay homage to these beautiful remote places.

So when international travel resumes, I am heading to Fiji’s Kokomo Private Island Resort, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property. The property opened in 2017 and aside from offering the most gorgeous and secluded white sand beaches and the clearest turquoise water ever, it’s a great example of how sustainability and luxury are two words that can go in the same sentence. The lead designer was inspired by the beauty of the island, which is reflected in the color palette inside the resort. He even repurposed recycled timber for some of the furnishings and the result is so chic.”

— Dobrina Zhekova, Digital Contributor


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