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Shoppable Vacation Rentals Exist––and This Company Is Doing Them Right

You can literally take a piece of your trip home with you.


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If you’ve ever stayed in a luxury hotel, you've probably lusted after a piece of furniture or art. The problem is it’s not yours for the taking. Sure, you might have slipped a few of those fancy bathroom products into your suitcase, but walking away from a luxury hotel room with a cool piece of its decor isn’t happening. That is until one company decided to make their rooms entirely shoppable.

Domio is a new apartment-hotel and vacation rental company that’s providing travelers with homey accommodations with access to hotel-like amenities (think Airbnb meets five-star hotel). So, while you can rent out an entire home with your friends, you also know the property has been vetted, and you get a personal concierge to help design the perfect trip for your group. Then, they made those homes even cooler by letting you buy nearly everything in them.

“A large part of creating an elevated guest experience is through the incorporation of thoughtful design,” Jay Roberts, CEO/Co-founder of Domio, told Departures. “Working with our own team of in-house visual artists, we chose to equip our 'apart-hotels' with a look and feel unlike any other––including unique wallpapers, pillows, artwork, and household amenities curated exclusively for and by Domio.”

Through their partnership with Society6, guests can shop Domio’s textiles and artwork and own their favorite pieces. The Domio Baronne St. rental, for example, allows you to purchase custom-designed wallpaper and art as well as clocks, pillows, chairs, cell phone cases, and more. They’re also creating custom-scented candles (perfumed with notes of black tea, flora, chocolate, and allspice) and custom bathroom amenities to be available for purchase in all apart-hotel properties.

That’s all in addition to the other name-brand items they’ve chosen with which to outfit their rentals. Travelers will find Casper mattresses and Snowe kitchenware in the studio, one or two-bedroom units, and will receive swag at checkout including custom postcards and city-inspired stickers.

“By making our spaces shoppable,” said Roberts, “we open the doors for guests to bring a piece of Domio home with them––sparking positive moments gained while staying with us, long after check-out.”

Domio rentals are available across the country in major cities like Austin, Philadelphia, and San Diego with more in the works like New York, Miami, and even London. Each property will boast the same comforts, conveniences, and, of course, the shoppable feature, which is quickly becoming popular with guests.


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