This Copenhagen Hotel Has Rooms That Clean Themselves

Courtesy Brøchner Hotels

The secret is an invisible, odorless coating.

Planning a trip to Copenhagen? Consider staying at the Hotel Ottilia, where innovative technology meets Scandinavian minimalism to create the cleanest hotel experience possible.

In an effort to keep its rooms as spotless as can be, Hotel Ottilia has utilized a process you’d more likely expect out of a Sci-Fi film than a website listing of amenities. According to TravelPulse, each room is equipped with ACT CleanCoat Technology, a transparent and odorless coating that can be applied to any surface. It works with sunlight to decompose microbes while also purifying the air, according to the product breakdown website. It’s even safe to apply to surfaces that come in contact with food.


Bloomberg shares that Denmark’s National Research Centre has even found this disinfectant coating to rid rooms of influenza, mold, salmonella, and allergens. One coat will last a full year and Karim Nielsen––CEO of  Ottilia parent company Brockner Hotels––shared in an interview with Bloomberg that coating an entire hotel room in the product will cost around $2,500.

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Courtesy Brøchner Hotels

While you may not be checking into a self-cleaning hotel room anytime soon, at least if you don’t have plans to visit Copenhagen, this is still an exciting step toward making travelers around the world healthier.