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You Can Now Check If Your Hotel Sheets Were Washed Properly With a QR Code

A major Chinese city is embedding microchips into hotel linens.

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While the majority of hotels do take extra care to ensure their guests have fresh linens, a few shocking reports have come out over the years revealing some less than desirable housekeeping practices. One video, in particular, revealed that cleaning staff at top hotels in China were cutting corners in several ways.

Of course, the hotels responded saying that they would investigate such actions. But now guests can rest better at night in central China. Why? Well, a new company has just released technology where you can check if your sheets and towels have been washed thoroughly by scanning a QR code.

“This is equivalent to giving each bed sheet and hotel linen a unique electronic identification,” Chinese state-run media outlet Xinhua reported.

Yes, all the linens will come with a thin high-temperature resistant chip embedded in them that can be washed up to 200 times so the hotel can monitor the washing practices. What’s more, is guests also can scan a QR code to learn the history of their sheets. You’ll be able to know the date they were last washed, the number of times the sheets were used and the temperature that they were disinfected.

The new company offering this technology also promises to provide eco-friendly washing practices as well. They will be able to wash over two pounds of laundry using just over one gallon of water all with non-phosphorus detergent to minimize water pollution. The water will be purified recycled tap water. These changes come after the city of Wuhan—made up of 10 million people—closed 79 of its 110 laundry companies.

Although currently only available in China, the interest drummed up by the announcement could prompt other hoteliers to follow suit. Now, that should help you rest easy.


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