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Charleston Hotel Room Comes With Personal Chef to Cook Your Holiday Dinner

Now, that’s something to be thankful for.


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The holidays are all about taking time off work, relaxing with family, and enjoying some downtime. But, if you’re the one cooking the festive meal, it’s quite the opposite. That’s why one Charleston, South Carolina hotel, is offering a unique service this Thanksgiving that lets you get the homey experience without slaving away over the stove.

The Restoration Hotel has specialty suites available called The Residences that range in size but each come complete with full kitchens. It’s here where a personal chef will prepare a curated Thanksgiving dinner while you’re enjoying time with the family or ordering an in-room massage.

“Our Chef, Daniel Nightengale, wanted to pay homage to this and the bountiful traditions within the Low Country by tailoring every in-room chef experience to our guests’ requests,” General Manager Chelsea Nightengale told Departures. “He allows them to either to cook alongside him and learn tips & tricks or can fade into the background of the kitchen while you enjoy your company.”

The hotel can even set up a tablescape for up to eight guests in the condo-style suites to create the perfect Friendsgiving feast or home away from home family meal. Yes, they will take care of all the cooking, service, and clean up so you can enjoy the holiday.

And the suites themselves are stunning. Although these guest rooms are fully updated and modern, the Residences are in some of the most historic buildings on the property, dating back to the early 1900s. These rooms feature exposed brick walls and original hardwood floors, giving guests a true sense of Charleston and home with one, two, and three-bedroom layouts complete with living rooms.

“We think there is no better way than to share Thanksgiving than with your loved ones and the best part being that we will take care of everything,” said Nightengale.


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