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7 Transformative Crystal Spa Treatments to Try Now

While crystal-based healing isn’t new (cultures all over the world have been using them for centuries), we’re seeing a recent spike in its popularity in the world of luxury wellness.

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Spas all over the world are now incorporating crystals into their service menus, utilizing their ability to move energy to elevate everything from facials to massages to body scrubs—whether the crystal in question is meant to provide emotional clarity or to shoo away negative energy.

Here are seven spa treatments that have been improved on with the addition of rose quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye, and more.

The Couple’s Journey, Six Sense Zil Pasyon, Seychelles

A treatment created to strengthen a couple’s bond, this multi-sensory, 150-minute ritual is comprised of four distinct parts. Like most body treatments, it starts with a relaxing body scrub and mask before crystals are put to work. First, in a guided meditation, during which a crystal grid (of clear quartz, carnelian, and black tourmaline) is used to open the heart chakra, then during the massage, when more crystals are placed directly on the body. Inspired by a tradition of Nigeria’s Yoruba people, the final section is a four-element tasting experience, where the couple taste flavors that represent various emotions that make up a relationship. Service priced at $875.

Sound Therapy Advanced With Crystal Therapy, The Saxon Hotel, Villas, and Spa, Johannesburg

Combining two on-trend therapies—sound and crystal—this stress-busting treatment is considered more advanced and therefore specifically recommended for those who have previously experienced energy-based healing. The treatment is conducted on a heated waterbed to give you the sensation of floating while Tibetan singing bowls are placed all around the body in alignment with major energy points. The bowls are filled with a variety of crystals like amethyst, which helps promote a mind free of negative thoughts, and green aventurine, a healing stone that helps calm your emotions but can also help treat nausea and neutralize electromagnetic pollution that comes from using tech products all day. Service priced at $95.

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Lux Indulgent Facial, Four Seasons Florence

An opulent facial that pairs 24-karat gold and citrine crystals to tackle pollution-damaged skin, this treatment is especially effective at hydrating and improving signs of aging. Gold’s anti-inflammatory properties that can help brighten the skin; while the citrine is used to massage the face to jumpstart micro-circulation and to drain the lymph pathways of lingering toxins (this will allow the skin to better absorb products used during the facial). Citrine is also known as a stone that can awaken creativity and the imagination—a warm and comforting gem that carries the life-giving energy of the sun. Service priced at $405.

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Digital Wellness Escape ™, Mandarin Oriental New York

A twist on the crystal spa experience, this restorative 80-minute treatment is meant to reverse some of the adverse effects of spending too much time with our tech devices. It starts with a 20-minute shungite bath. Shungite is a carbon that can only quarried from Russia. It’s also rich in fullerenes, which binds with the free radicals that we absorb from the radiation that is emitted from our phones, computers, and tablets. The Shungite makes the free radicals inert, making them easier to eliminate from the body. Because the entire treatment is meant to be a digital detox, there is no full-body massage. The therapist will instead target parts of the body that are specifically strained from constant device use, like the neck, shoulder, hands, forearms, and even the scalp. Service priced at $345.

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Rose Renewal Ritual, Miraval, Tucson

This head-to-toe rubdown combines the fragrant sweetness of a Damask Rose essential oil with the healing qualities of a rose quartz crystal. “The light pink rose quartz opens the heart chakra and promotes the free flow of love and positive energy, which is why it’s used in this treatment,” said Simon Marxer, the resort’s Director of Spas. The skin-firming acupressure facial massage and the super relaxing full body massage can certainly make anyone feel physically restored, but the vibrational effects of the rose quartz can potentially bring about an inner renewal that radiates from the inside out. Service priced at $245.

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Themae Tea Immersion Beauty Facial, Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, Cayman Islands

Thanks in part to the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of four different types of tea (red, white, black, and green), this results-driven treatment from French skincare brand Themae has proven to instantly hydrate the skin by over 50% and reduce the depth of wrinkles by about 15 just 20 minutes after the facial is completed. It also comes with two massages using facial rollers, one of which features a tiger’s eye crystal, known to help soothe and repair sensitive skin but can also improve self-confidence and promote inner joy. Service priced at $275.

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Gemstone Healing Facial, Phoenician Spa, Scottsdale

At the recently renovated three-story spa of this sprawling resort at the base of Camelback Mountain, enthusiasts should opt for this vegan facial which features six different crystals. A clear crystal selenite wand, for instance, is used around the head to help clear the mind; while jade is placed on the eyes to strengthen emotional clarity. All of this is folded into an 80-minute treatment that also includes a brightening enzyme peel, a rose quartz gem clay application, and an anti-aging collagen mask so that your skin will be as refreshed as your energy. Service priced at $305.


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