Are You Related to Royalty? This Celtic Travel Company Can Find Out

Courtesy Brendan Vacations

Leave a tourist, come home a princess.

Travel companies are always looking for ways to offer unique experiences for guests. But one Irish company took that idea to a whole new level. On one of their trips, you can find out if you’re royalty.

Yes, the Celtic experts at Brendan Vacations are making Irish fairytale dreams come true this March. Travelers looking to trace their Irish roots can request to be set up with a private genealogist to discover their heritage. During the session, you’ll find out where you came from, any interesting stories from the past, and if you have any royal blood running through your veins. 

Andrea Comi/Getty Images

With Brendan Vacations, travelers can trace the birthplace of their own clan, customizing an itinerary throughout the region(s) wherein their story began. For example, if a traveler traces their lineage back to the Clements family, the travel company can organize a stay in Lough Rynn Castle. This is the family’s home for a century, built by wealthy landowner Nathaniel Clements in 1749 upon 10,000 acres of land in the Mohill area of County Leitrim.

“More than ever, travelers are booking vacations that bring them closer to their personal heritage, providing a profound familial connection in a foreign region,” Melissa DaSilva, President of Brendan Vacations, told Departures. “Beyond walking the roads that their ancestors once did, ancestral travelers are seeking experiences with the locals, learning their heritage through both geography and cultural connection.”

Gareth Byrne/Courtesy Brendan Vacations

The best part is even if you sadly find out you’re not royalty, you still get to live like a king. Several itineraries include stays in castles throughout the stunning country. Think old-world elegance meets modern luxury nestled in the sprawling green gardens in Lough Rynn’s 400-year old castle, one of Ireland’s most prestigious spots. Or, enjoy a wellness escape just outside Galway at the storybook Abbeyglen Castle overlooking the bay. And there’s also the 18th-century manor situated along Wild Atlantic Way, Gregans Castle, that’s filled with fireplaces and romantic candlelight. In fact, guests can choose from over 20 castles, and country stays on many of the trips. 

What’s more is that if you book before March 31, you can stay one night for free in a stunning castle on select bookings and customized itineraries.