This 45-Night River Cruise Takes Passengers Through 14 Countries

Courtesy AmaWaterways

It’s the most epic way to experience Europe in the spring.

There is something magical about springtime in Europe. But it can be hard to determine which country to visit to experience it. Well, how about 14 of them? AmaWaterways just announced it was launching a second Seven River Journey for spring 2023, where passengers would sail for 45 nights and visit the Netherlands, Belgium, and 12 other destinations.

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The incredible itinerary departs April 20, 2023, from Avignon, France, on board a few vessels and comes after the overwhelming interest in the first-ever Seven River Journey. Now, the new spring-themed one is focused on enjoying the floral beauty found throughout the continent and along the riverbanks of the Danube, Rhône River, Dutch Waterways, and the Rhine. You’ll make stops in Lyon, transfer over to Basel, Switzerland, float past castles along Moselle, visit quaint villages in Germany, and experience off-the-beaten-path spots in Bulgaria and Romania. Celtic fortifications and medieval towns are just waiting to be explored.

Interior of the AmaMagna Suite on board the new AmaWaterways Seven River Journey, Spring
Michel Verdure/Courtesy AmaWaterways

While the itinerary is diverse, so too are the accommodations. Passengers get to stay on three ships during the journey: AmaCerto, AmaMagna, and AmaKristina. All of the vessels feature spacious staterooms and award-winning dining, but the AmaMagna is extra luxurious. It’s twice the width of regular river cruise ships, has four restaurants, an onboard movie theater, Zen Wellness studio, and a Sun Deck with a bar.

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“Our first Seven River Journey—Summer received such a positive response that I am overjoyed to provide our guests yet another incredible extended journey designed to fully immerse them in European culture and create memories that will last a lifetime,” Kristin Karst, executive vice president and co-founder of AmaWaterways, told Departures in a statement. “Having one Cruise Manager take care of guests throughout this entire journey ensures a seamless transition from one ship to the other, and we have many unique experiences and onboard amenities planned to further enhance the immersive nature of this 45-night journey.”

Rates for the multi-week journey start at $24,999 per guest.