Tourists Are Now Banned from Wearing Flip Flops in Cinque Terre

iStockphoto/Getty Images

There will be fines for those who don’t follow the new rule.

It’s time to rethink your footwear if you’re planning a trip to Cinque Terre. While flip flops may be enticing for warm-weather locations, they are certainly not the thing to be wearing as you climb uncertain footpaths and craggy cliffsides.

For those not following the rules, fines upwards of $3,000 could apply. It’s all in the name of safety; the new rules come after rescue units had been sent out to save hikers with the wrong footwear time and time again. The amount of the fine will be determined on the amount of trouble the hiker causes the rescue units.

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According to the Daily Mail, there have been conversations around closing down certain paths in the area to help keep visitors safe. In 2017, Travel + Leisure reported that more than 2.4 million people visited the Cinque Terre region. Compared to the permanent population of 4,000, this is a complete takeover during the area’s busy time (May through September).

“These are alpine paths; tourists cannot come in slippers and without water. We need caution,” Club Alpino Italiano owner Maurizio Cattani shared with TGCOM24. Sharing the information around the new regulation is the first step and the fines will follow. According to The Telegraph, there are even more cruise ship tourists expected to visit the region this year: 750,000 compared to last year’s 450,000.

So, be warned: Pack a proper pair of shoes for hiking if you plan on exploring the scenery on your next trip to Cinque Terre. It’ll save you money and, much more importantly, help keep you safe.