A New Study Shows That Falling in Love on an Airplane Is More Common Than You’d Think

Emmanuel Faure/Getty Images

This might be the perfect reason to book a flight.

You could watch a movie or catch up on some work, but why not fall in love on your next flight? According to a new study from British bank company HSBC, 1 in 50 people do just that.

The research shares that interviews with 5,000 flyers from 141 different countries found that 1 in 50 of the surveyed travelers met a future partner on a flight. Given that 51 percent of the participants said they’ve struck up conversation with a stranger while on a plane, it’s more believable.

It’s well documented that air travel makes you a little more vulnerable than usual. The Atlantic did a dive into why it’s so common to cry on airplanes back in 2013. Apparently, it also tugs on your romantic heartstrings.

When you think about it, an airplane might just be the perfect first date locale: few distractions, confined to a small box of space with carefully chosen entertainment (what a person chooses says a lot about their personality), and glasses of wine always at the ready.

It doesn’t stop at romance. The study showed that airplanes drive more than romantic connections: 16 percent of the surveyed made a business connection and 14 percent made a long-lasting friendship on their flight.

The survey also told us a few things we already knew: 67 percent of the polled shared that they were more tolerant as a direct result of travel and 63 percent said they were more patient.

According to the survey results, it does depend on where you’re from. The polled group revealed that on average, two American couples meet while flying.

Still, the odds are probably higher than you would have realized. Keep this in mind the next time you’re looking for love.