Disney Denies Airline Launch

Getty Images

The entertainment company has refuted rumors that they plan to launch their own airline.

Disney fans will be sad to learn that the company has denied reports that it plans to launch a themed airline. That means no characters or Buzz Lightyear acting as the captain on planes any time soon. 

Fansite JustDisney.co reported that they had "ears" inside the secret development. They said The Walt Disney Company would start acquiring small regional airlines in 2021 to create a domestic airline offering flights out of major hubs such as New York LaGuardia, Chicago, LAX, Detroit, and Orlando. They also had details on the onboard amenities, which were said to include inflight Disney + (Disney's new streaming service) access at each seat, Disney songs to be played on the speakers while planing and de-planing, visits from famous characters, and Buzz Lightyear acting as the captain. 

In addition, the planes were supposed to be "wrapped with famous Marvel and princess themes," and Mickey Premium Ice Cream bars, warm churros, and strawberry fruit bars would be served. It was also reported that every passenger would get a free checked bag if they stayed at an onsite Disney resort within 48 hours of the flight.

The post has since been taken down by the popular fansite. We've reached out to the company for official comment. And although The Walt Disney Company has denied the widely reported story, it has made no other official announcement.