The Ultimate Winter Experience Includes Sleeping in a Snow Cave in Deschutes National Forest

Courtesy Brasada Ranch

Kick off the new year with the ultimate winter adventure.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to try in the winter. But you probably never thought to sleep in a cave made of snow was one of them. Well, that's precisely what Brasada Ranch is offering this January with its Snowcamp Weekend.

Available through their adventure program called Outside Brasada, the chic rustic retreat in Powell Butte, Oregon created the ultimate snow-cation where guests can experience the thrill of sleeping overnight in an outdoor snow cave (they build themselves) in the Deschutes National Forest of the Cascade Mountain Range. 

Courtesy Brasada Ranch

The weekend starts on Friday, where you meet a guide from Wanderlust Tours at the Ranch House and chat about the adventure to come over homemade s' mores. On Saturday, you'll head to Mt. Bachelor, strap on your snowshoes and overnight packs, and head into the old-growth Hemlock forest. When you arrive at the camp spot, you'll build the snow cave before having a campfire cooked meal and sipping on local libations. There's also an optional night snowshoe tour before bed, where the Wanderlust team will show you spots to run off a little hill and jump into the snow.

Finally, you'll wake up the next morning to a toasty breakfast prepared in the real snow "kitchen" before trekking through the snow and returning to Brasada Ranch for a final night of your snowcation. The team at Wanderlust Tours is with you the whole time. They have a sled full of equipment, including shovels, cooking equipment, snowshoes, firewood, etc. so you just have to show up with boots, snow pants, and warm clothes. 

Courtesy Brasada Ranch

As far as the cave goes, the guide pre-scout spots, which are essentially huge snowdrifts. You then get to dig down into the snowdrift about four feet to make a cave. Though the team is there to help, you can do all the work, including deciding the shape the inside of the cave.

If you'd prefer to sleep in the comfort of the resort, but want a little action, daily snowshoe tours through Mt. Bachelor and Deschutes National Forest are available to book. Each one is customized based on preference and experience—guests can stroll easily on flatter areas or leap off powder-covered lava flows. Following your trip, you can return to a warm, inviting cabin or dinner and drinks at the Ranch House.