We Hope to Inspire You: A Note from Our Editor-in-Chief Jeffries Blackerby

Augusto Biagini/Getty Images

Why we're still dreaming of travel. 

A few days ago, I finished writing my editor’s letter for our May/June issue, and in it, I looked into the future and hoped that I was addressing Departures readers from the other side of history. Since then, the world changed yet again, and it’s become clear that no one can be sure when the other side of history will begin. So I feel the need to reach out with an update here on Departures.com.

While we wait for doors and arms to re-open, I want to tell you what we’re doing and not doing at Departures, in print, online, and on our social channels. We are still working every day to find stories that inspire you to explore the world, no matter how big or small the world may be for you right now. For as long as we are cooped-up indoors, we will strive to entertain and inform you with things to watch, read, listen to, distract your kids with, and keep yourselves and your loved ones mentally strong. And for as long as we dream about traveling—which I know is always—we will also keep bringing you inspiring stories about where to go next. We know that’s what you love about Departures, and we’re not going to fail you now.

If all we can do is stare out our windows, then let us fill your vision with places you will go one day. And may that day be soon.