Cruising by the Numbers: What's to Come

Seabourn Encore

A peek at what's on the luxury cruise horizon over the next few years.

The ocean cruise industry is in the middle of unprecedented investment. Smaller players like Viking, which got $500 million from TPG Capital, and Crystal Cruises, whose new parent company inked a deal for $4 billion in new ships, are doubling and tripling the size of their fleets. Others will see more modest expansions. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Joy, sailing this summer, will be the first ship designed and styled exclusively for Chinese guests. Ponant’s four new ships, launching in 2018 and 2019, will all have International Cleanship designation for their fuel efficiency and wastewater treatment systems. In 2020, Regent Seven Seas Cruises will launch a sister to its $450 million Explorer. For travelers, this means more choices and better boats in the next five years. Here's a snapshot, by the numbers.

Crystal Cruises
Current Fleet: 2
Coming by 2019: One ship holding up to 200 guests, one ship holding 201-1,000 guests

Viking Ocean Cruises
Current Fleet: 2
Coming by 2020: Four ships, each holding 201-1,000

Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Current Fleet: 4
Coming by 2020: One ship holding 201-1,000 guests

Seabourn Cruise Line
Current Fleet: 4
Coming by 2018: One ship holding 201-1,000 guests

Ponant Cruises
Current Fleet: 5
Coming by 2019: Four ships, each holding up to 200 guests

Lindblad Expeditions
Current Fleet: 6
Coming by 2019: Three ships, each holding up to 200 guests

Silversea Cruises
Current Fleet: 10
Coming by April 2017: One ship holding 201-1,000 guests

Celebrity Cruises
Current Fleet: 12
Coming by 2021: Two ships, each holding 1,001-4,000 guests

Holland America Line
Current Fleet: 14
Coming by 2018: One ship holding 1,001-4,000 guests

Norwegian Cruise Line
Current Fleet: 14
Coming by 2019: One ship holding 1,001-4,000 guests, two ships holding over 4,001 guests

Princess Cruises
Current Fleet: 17
Coming by 2020: Three ships, each holding 1,001-4,000 guests

Royal Caribbean
Current Fleet: 25
Coming by 2021: Three ships, each holding over 4,000 guests

Making Waves
Sir Richard Branson is getting into the game with Virgin Voyages. The first of three ships will come in 2020, hold 2,700 people, and debut energy-saving innovations.