Tuscany's Newest Hotel Comes With an Epic Truffle Hunting Experience

Courtesy COMO Castello Del Nero

A stay at this renovated Castello comes with an in-house licensed truffle hunter (yes, that’s a thing), and more importantly, his specially trained truffle-hunting dog.

The Chianti region of Tuscany is so much more than, well, Chianti. While of course, the rolling Tuscan hills are known the world over for their unforgettable vino, the foodie experiences you can have in this part of the world are equally memorable.

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One such experience is, of course, foraging for Italian truffles, which you can do at COMO Castello Del Nero with their in-house licensed truffle hunter (yes, that’s a thing), and more importantly, his specially trained truffle-hunting dog. The truffle walk involves trekking through the untread and wildly scenic parts of Tuscany in pursuit of the best truffles in the region. All the while, of course, guests are learning about the truffle extraction process, and after the walk will tuck into a truffle lunch, occasionally hosted at La Torre, the estate’s Michelin-starred restaurant.

Martin Morrell/Courtesy COMO Castello Del Nero

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Truffle-hunting isn’t the only foodie activity on the property. If truffles aren’t your preferred indulgence, you can instead try a gelato class or an authentic Italian cooking class. The Tuscan cooking class incorporates seasonal ingredients grown right on the castle grounds. Or if you’d rather skip right to sampling without the learning curve that comes with 16th-century gelato-making skills or Italian culinary techniques, you can do a tasting of the estate’s own olive oil, honey, and of course, wine. 

While the actual castle is from the 12th century, COMO Castello Del Nero is a newly opened COMO property. A short drive from Florence or Siena, the Castello sits on 40 acres, and the interiors are all redone by distinctive Milanese designer Paolo Navone. The décor fuses modern-European touches with Renaissance flair, which simultaneously allows for delicate frescos and a gorgeous outdoor heated pool. For an extra touch of scenic luxury, stay in the COMO terrace suite, which has an expansive private terrace overlooking the vineyards and nearby lake.