How to Commission a Luxury Yacht Wherever You Travel

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What better way to explore sublime coastal destinations than by private luxury charter?

Researching hotels, transportation, and excursions can be overwhelming when planning a trip. With so many options, especially if your vacation has multiple destinations, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. Enter: Dream Yacht Charter.

The luxury charter company offers trips from 50 different points of departure around the world, from Seychelles to Stockholm­­—and now Madagascar. Travelers can choose between bareboat, by-the-cabin, and crewed charters and the company handles the rest—including arranging your stay, transportation, and experiences. And with over 1,000 boats throughout the world, travelers can book personal yachts to some of the most remote sailing destinations on the market.

© National Tourist Office of Madagascar

Having just launched their first base in Nosy Be, Madagascar, Dream Yacht Charter allows travelers to explore the island's coastline and spectacular wildlife up close, island hop the Mitsio and Radama archipelagos, or simply relax under the sun by sea. And while they closed out 2018 with the launch of their Madagascar port, they have plenty on the horizon for the upcoming year, with plans to add Preveza in Greece, Belize, and St. Lucia to their list of destinations in 2019.

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So whether you're touring the Exumas by bareboat catamaran or cruising the Maldives on a crewed yacht, taking a refreshing trip around Bora Bora or retreating to the Grenadines, Dream Yacht Charter has an option for your perfect trip. 

Prices vary per person depending on your chosen location and charter type.