Why Wyoming Is The New Celebrity Hot Spot

Kimberly Walker/Robert Harding/Getty Images

Everyone—from Kim and Kanye to Karlie Kloss—is visiting the sparsely-populated state.

St. Bart’s, Beverly Hills, New York: these are the destinations you typically think of as celebrity hot spots. Wyoming? Not so much. But the nature-filled western state is enjoying the spotlight following many recent celebrity visits and some new A-list residents. 

Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner chose Saratoga, Wyoming, as the location of their second wedding celebration, where guests such as Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were seen donning cowboy hats as they toasted to the newlyweds. Vogue also chose Jackson Hole for the setting of their recent shoot with Hailey Bieber. And Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and their family are enjoying a serene and idyllic home away from home in the picturesque town of Cody. The Wests also famously bunked up in Jackson Hole while Kanye recorded his “Ye” album and celebrated the release in the city.

Plus, several stars have shacked up at Caldera House, Jackson Hole’s most coveted hot spot since opening last year. Gigi Hadid and some of her closest friends enjoyed a ski getaway lounging around the fire pit at the hotel while Mandy Moore enjoyed some time off at the eight-suite luxury property and alpine club.  

Matthew Millman/Courtesy Caldera House

So, why are celebrities choosing the second most sparsely populated state in the country? The Wyoming Office of Tourism credits several state highlights for the increased celeb interest:  the dramatic scenes of Grand Teton National Park, the starry skies of Devils Tower National Monument, and the unique ability to connect with nature—or maybe the cowboy spirit at a dude ranch. Additionally, the state clocks in at nearly 98,000 square miles (that’s one person per every 111 acres), which guarantees time out of the limelight. 

Of course, there are all the high-end amenities stars are used to as well. 

Douglas Friedman/Courtesy Caldera House

“If you’re interested in purely a luxury vacation, and want to have your needs catered to, they have great food and spa treatments [in Jackson],” Nina Libby, Vice President of Marketing of Caldera House, told Departures. “If you’re the person that wants to spend the least amount of time in a hotel and you want to be spending your whole time jumping off of mountains or paddle boarding down rivers, Jackson can accommodate that, too. Plus, the town possesses a Western spirit that visitors are terribly fond of.”