This Castle in the Netherlands Is for Sale––and It Has Its Own Island


Seventy-one rooms of regal vibes.

You don’t have to be royalty to live in a castle and if you’re keen on moving to The Netherlands, listen up. A new listing on Christie’s may be of interest.

Schaloen at Oud-Valkenburg 5—a castle built on an island with its very own bridge just hit the market and it’s just as dreamy as you’d imagine. There’s something about a time-worn castle exterior that just gets the imagination going. This particular property spans nearly 237,000 square feet, most of it being protected nature that surrounds the home. The 37-bedroom home could also be used for commercial endeavors, which the listing hints at.

Steven Lek/Wikimedia Commons

The price tag for this castle is surprisingly attainable at $6.7 million, considering you can find Brooklyn brownstones that cost more. Built in 1656, the Schaloen castle is made up of 71 rooms total, all spanning a single floor. The listing also marks the inside and outside maintenance of the home both as “Good.”

Jiří Komárek/Wikimedia Commons

The remote location alone would make you feel like the owner of a castle, no matter how big the home actually was, but step inside and you can’t escape the regal feel. The courtyard of the castle is surrounded by adjoining buildings, bridges, and walkway. The rigid reach of the turrets gives you a kingly (and queenly) vibe as you make your way up the driveway.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the castle and all it comes with, head over to the expanded listing on Christie’s.