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What’s the best neighborhood in the world to just wander around?

Venice, Italy, hands down. There are no cars, so it’s made for walking down those narrow streets. So much to find around each corner — restaurants, art, antiques, etc. So much talent to see busking: My favorite was a group of actors/singers enticing onlookers to an opera that same evening.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever brought back for someone?

A large antique copper pot for a friend. I found it outside of London, and it was my one carry-on item (purse tucked inside).

What’s a store anywhere in the world you wish you could take home with you?

OMG! It would have to be a paper store in Florence near the Borghese Palace Art Hotel. I absolutely love paper, so I seek out these stores wherever I go in the world. That said, I could also live in Elle Lokko in Accra, Ghana. I want everything in that store. It’s beautifully curated with creative souls in Ghana.

Header image: Photography by Pari Dukovic / Trunk Archive



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