Charter Your Own Yacht With This On-demand Company—Captain Included If You Wish

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If you have a credit card and a smartphone, you can rent your own yacht for the day (or week).

There’s a lot of power and opportunity that comes with having a smartphone and a credit card, and I’m not talking about testing the limits of your max credit line. With these two tools in hand, you have access to Boatsetter, which the company describes as “the Airbnb for boats.”

It works much like calling an Uber or renting a home on Airbnb: You can search your area for available boats and rent them for set amounts of time. Some of the listings offer hourly rates and some offer half- and full-day rates. You also have the option of renting a boat that comes with a captain, if your situation calls for one.

The website boasts that it has thousands of boats in 600 locations around the world. To put it to the test, I searched for a boat with a captain in the New York area for a same-day rental to house 10 people. My search pulled up 20 results—not bad for a niche need on demand. Other locations you can search are overwhelming, from Seattle and Miami to Cape Town and Dubai.

Aside from flaunting the fact that you rented your own personal yacht (or sailboat—there are all kinds of boats available for rental) for the day, you can also take your vessel out fishing, cruising, waterskiing, or just to celebrate. After all, the best place to enjoy a glass of champagne is from the bow of a boat. You could even make some side money, as you can rent out your own boat on the website.

If this checks off one of your bucket list items, you can read more about Boatsetter and how to book your own yacht over on the company’s website.