BMW Helped Design the Interior of This New Airline

Courtesy Starlux Airlines

Starlux Airlines is determined to make flying a luxurious experience for everyone.

In an era where it seems airlines are getting more crowded and reducing space, a new Taiwanese one is hoping to provide travelers with more of a luxury experience. Launching in January, Starlux Airlines promises to fill "every need, desire, and dream" while "pleasant surprises and familiar comfort await."

Part of that surprise, decadence is the fact the start-up worked with BMW to engineer the seat design. "The cabin interior, as well as the seating in STARLUX's A321neos economy and business classes, have been designed by BMW Group Designworks," the airline released in a statement. "Economy class seating features bright and natural colors, and ultra-thin seatbacks engineered to increase legroom. Every seat is equipped with a high-quality leather headrest, which is rarely seen on narrow-body aircraft. Passengers will be able to enjoy restful sleep without bringing their own neck pillows."

Business is meant to feel tranquil with a combination of dark and elegant colors. "While the cushions and privacy dividers are a classical dark grey and rose gold, the color of Cashmere Silver inspired by BMW adds a futuristic, hi-tech touch to the backshells," wrote the airline.

In terms of engineering, each business class passenger will have a personal inflight entertainment system and a seat that transforms into an 82-inch fully flatbed. The control is located above the headrest allowing for easy access. In the economy, passengers also get an individual entertainment system, USB port, and free Wi-Fi.

And the seats weren't the only element of design where the airline called on experts in the industry. Famed Taiwan fashion designer Sean Yin designed the crew's uniforms. "For me, STARLUX is a luxury brand—not just another airline," Yin said in a statement. "I wanted to combine a classical airline look with modern touches to create chic but practical fashions, unlike anything that has been seen before."

To top it off, the airline even created its own signature scent to be used in the cabins, lounges, and inflight hand lotion.