Small Group Adventure Cruises

New cruise offerings explore hard-to-reach locales without skimping on luxury.

Courtesy Quark Expeditions
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Not so long ago, a traveler looking to set sail on a vessel other than a private charter like the one featured in “Sailing the Seas With Breeze!” would have been hard-pressed to use the words “luxury cruise” and “adventure travel” in the same sentence. The first was grand, the latter serious, and the two mixed like oil and seawater. Being pampered on board meant sticking to tried (if not tired) and true itineraries in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, while venturing into remote destinations, often best reached by boat, meant sacrificing creature comforts. Recently, however, smart outfitters took notice of this dichotomy and created high-end adventure voyages. The trips are for small groups of people to nearly impossible-to-reach places, all aboard ships that offer the more glamorous side of travel by sea. The higher the tide, the more thrilling the experience.