The World According To Mark Morris

Dancer and choreographer

If anyone still thinks of male dancers as tightly wound men in tights, they've never seen Mark Morris take the stage in a caftan and an Indian shawl. He's often called the bad boy of dance, and though he hates the title there's no denying that for 25 years he's been choreographing a revolution. This year his troupe embarks on a 36-city tour (through the U.S. and UK) and debuts five world premieres, including Stravinsky's Serenade in A in Berkeley September 22. Exhausting, yes, but there's still time for Bali, Bach, and The Backyardigans—to name only a few of Morris's favorite things.

Kumarakom Lake Resort, in Kerala, India, is the most amazing hotel in the world. I stay in bungalow 123.

I'm never without a shawl, a fan, and sunglasses.

I buy jasmine, tuberose, and frangipani at the Gramercy Park Flower Shop in New York City.

Uwajimaya in Seattle is great for all things Japanese. Kalustyan's in Manhattan is the place for anything Indian and Middle Eastern—food, spices, gadgets.

Every morning I watch "In the Papers" on NY1, the local news network. I love the anchor, Pat Kiernan. I also like the satirical weekly newspaper The Onion.

I'd love to own any gorgeous, thrilling, sad painting by Howard Hodgkin. Even a tiny one.

My favorite restaurant is Veritas, in New York. I get the foie gras and the braised short ribs.

I could listen to the Bach cantatas on my iPod forever.

My comfort foods? Cheese. Grits. Cheese grits.

The first thing I want after a performance is a compliment and a cocktail.