The World According To Francis Ford Coppola

He might be the ultimate cinéast—he owns five Academy Awards—but Francis Ford Coppola’s interests extend far beyond the screen. The man who directed Apocalypse Now and The Godfather can also claim vintner, publisher, hotelier, restaurateur, and pasta purveyor among his prizewinning roles. And now he’s adding "designer" to that list: Coppola is overseeing the conversion of a palazzo in Basilicata, Italy, into a ten-suite hotel even as he puts the finishing touches on his first directorial project in a decade, Youth Without Youth, opening later this year. Here, a few featured attractions of his remarkable life.

  • "I didn’t give my daughter a gift when she won the Oscar. We don’t give gifts to Oscar winners—in my family, it would be ridiculous."
  • "8 1/2 is a movie like no other ever made. Fellini created a world that really nailed the times."
  • "My biggest splurge was an original edition of Walt Whitman’s 1855 Leaves of Grass. Right now it’s in a safe-deposit box until I figure out where to keep it."
  • "I admire Woody Allen. He produces films from his own original screenplays, just one after another."
  • "I still have all the cars I’ve ever owned—I get attached. But I use my Honda Element because I live in the country and it’s reliable, cleverly designed, and the most practical."
  • "The Alvear Palace in Buenos Aires dedicates itself to beautiful service and does everything with such panache."
  • "My ideal meal is dim sum at Yank Sing in San Francisco. It’s just endless little delicacies arriving at your table."
  • "To unwind I listen to audio courses—right now I’m learning about Alexander the Great and the Hellenic period. It takes my mind off things."