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The World According to Donny Deutsch

Advertising executive/TV host

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Once referred to as the Elvis of advertising, Donny Deutsch is at the top of an industry that thrives on swagger (his clients range from Revlon to MCI). Now Deutsch has worked his powers of persuasion on The Big Idea, his CNBC Wednesday talk show, landing him tête-à-tête with the likes of Matt Lauer and Lil' Kim. Deutsch always has a lightbulb over his head (his book Often Wrong, Never in Doubt is forthcoming). So we asked him about the people, places, and things on his mind now.

For a celebratory dinner, I go to Da Silvano in New York and have the duck. For comfort food, it's wings from Brother Jimmy's.

My next trip will be to China. Everyone who comes back from Shanghai says it is the future center of the world.

Ed Ruscha's Damage is a painting I would love to own.

My TV is a Sony Plasma. I schedule my life around The Sopranos. When it's on at the same time as my own show, I tape mine.

"I'm not a gadget guy. I don't e-mail much and I rarely carry a cell phone. I manage my office by walking around. Trust me, it works."

My clothes are from Scoop Men—John Varvatos suede boots, Seven Jeans, and T-shirts (like my favorite, printed with Yosemite Sam).

Isle de France in St. Barths is my favorite hotel in the world. I go every Christmas. You can be a total recluse or part of the insane party.

I'm never without my Cartier Santos watch.

My most cherished possessions are my grandfather's New York City police badge and a Bible my great-grandfather brought over from Eastern Europe.


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