W By Waterford

A forward-looking new collection

Waterford Crystal conjures a vision of intricately faceted (sometimes overly fussy) stemware, bowls, and vases. While they are classics—the ever-popular Lismore will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2002—the crystal pieces now come in a forward-looking new collection called Waterford W that includes four designs (and 26 individual objects): Metra, Spire, Eclipse, and Signia. A curved interior counterbalances the crisply cut exterior of Metra, creating a shape within a shape. Spire is architectural, and the vases, candlesticks, and clock could be visions of futurist skyscrapers. Both Signia and Eclipse sport elongated oval forms. While Signia's deep exterior chevron cut feels more masculine, the perimeter of the Eclipse bowls and vase resembles the soft, low neckline of a fine evening gown cut on the bias. Waterford's master artisans (many are second- and even third-generation cutters) have always created crystal objects as fine as any in the world. The innovative W collection moves Waterford into the new millennium with an exceptionally contemporary look.