Vietnam Boutique

Song, Valerie McKenzie's beguiling shops

French fashion mixes with Vietnamese flair at Song, Valerie McKenzie's beguiling shops in Saigon and Hanoi (and also Melbourne, Australia). The stores showcase clothes and home accessories crafted in Vietnam. Pottery is from Ba Trang, one of roughly 25 different Vietnamese tribal workshops where McKenzie collaborates with local artisans. Men's and women's silk pajamas—among the most popular items she sends overseas—are embroidered by extraordinarily talented needleworkers in Thai Binh. Although Asian in spirit, Song (which means "living" in Vietnamese) sells undeniably grand and contemporary silk lamp shades, mother-of-pearl chopsticks, horn serving spoons, taffeta dresses embellished with beads and pearls, and silk cushions in subtle earthy colors. Song Saigon (complete collection), 41 Dong Khoi, 1st District, Ho Chi Minh City, 848-823-8989. Song Hanoi (casual clothing, accessories, baby clothes), 7 Nha Tho; 844-828-9650. Song Hanoi (men and women's clothes and accessories, housewares and home furnishings), 5 Nha Tho; 844-828-6965. For more information: