Urns & Vases

Not-so-garden-variety planters

Short Hills, NJ
Seibert & Rice specializes in not-so-garden-variety planters, urns, and vases, particularly in large sizes. Each piece is handmade, with the smallest turned on a wheel, and larger ones (up to 32 inches in diameter) made by coiling the clay. Many pieces, such as this large ornamental vase ($895), are decorated with relief work, done by hand-pressing clay into molds. Only Tuscan Impruneta clay is used, according to partner Mara Seibert, because of its unique chemical composition—particularly the high iron content. Pieces are fired for one week at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which imbues them with robust pink hues and exceptional durability—they are completely frost-proof and thus can be left outdoors year-round. Seibert & Rice also accepts commissions for historical reproductions and custom work, or can help track down specific antique pieces. $16-$1,500. Catalog available for $5. 973-467-8266; fax 973-379-2536; www.seibert-rice.com.