The Trend Index

Packing Essential

Out: Dozens of chargers and converters to power all the various gizmos that dominate our lives

In: Solio’s solar-powered charger, which will take care of everything from phone to PDA to camera to iPod

Gift for the Host

Out: Scented candles. Rigaud, Votivo, Agraria, Diptyque—we still love them but…

In: Bespoke chocolates like those from Melt in London, which will ship them State- side (44-20/727-5030)

Must-See-TV Night

Out: Sunday. Grey’s Anatomy moved, Six Feet Under ended. Can the return of The Sopranos bring us back to the couch?

In: Thursday. Ugly Betty, Grey’s, and NBC’s brilliant lineup have redeemed the night.

Travel Trend

Out: Oblivion to the carbon-dioxide footprint our journeys create

In: "Tagging your flight" on—you offset damage by donating $6.25 for every 6,000 miles you fly.