Tree Chic

Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments

What began as the result of a Yuletide disaster—four generations' worth of family Christmas ornaments crushed under a once-upright tree—became the impetus for Christopher Radko to create and design his charming and extensive line of Christmas ornaments. Fifteen years and 4,000 designs later, his featherweight, blown-glass decorations—ranging from nativity figures to asparagus spears—are being scooped up by collectors. Among this year's releases are these six-inch-tall "Jewel Nutcrackers" sold in an assortment of colors. All ornaments are handmade in European studios with a centuries-old sand-casting method. The clear tempered glass (used for its strength and virtually imperceptible weight) is injected with liquid silver for luminescence and coated with a matte lacquer on the exterior. Subsequent hand-painting gives the ornaments the detail and singularity that have made them all the rage at holidays. $20-$130. 800-717-2356;