Travel Designers

Finding the right window for each person

Lisa Lindblad: "Finding the right window for each person" is the way Lisa Lindblad describes her travel design business. She can match her client's interests to locales from Uzbekistan to Paris, but knows that the destination is only the beginning. The well-connected Lindblad gets her travelers behind the facade of a place by bringing them together with locals. So for a family going to Indonesia, the trip may include the requisite Aman experiences, but also underwaterdiving with local guides and visits with Environmental Bamboo Foundation founder and social lion Linda Garland, or jewelry designer John Hardy. For a client who collects crafts and wants to go to India, she'll arrange a connection to the head of one of the country's handicraft organizations. "And if I don't know an area, I know people who do," she says. And given her valuable advance work for me in Ireland, she's right. $500 consultation fee plus 15 percent of the trip's cost, excluding airfare. 212-876-2554; fax 212-722-2797.