Tip Sheet

What can your hotel do for you?

THE PROBLEM You need a hotel that treats your dog as well as it treats you.
THE FIX The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Maryland, has a canine guest menu of dishes like osso bucco with seasoned vegetables, as well as dog biscuits made by chef Mark Salter. Along with the biscuit recipe, you can pick up a map of dog walks around the 25 acres along Chesapeake Bay. Rates, $245-$625; $75 per dog per stay; 800-722-2949; www.perrycabin.com.

THE PROBLEM The kids are old enough to travel, but they need to learn some manners.
THE FIX New Orleans' Windsor Court Hotel offers private etiquette classes for children, teaching proper greetings, table manners, and how to write thank-you notes. Youngsters attend a Tiny Tea, then receive a diploma that earns them admission to the zoo, children's museum, and aquarium. Rate, $595, including classes; 800-262-2662; www.windsorcourthotel.com.

THE PROBLEM Packing and repacking for weekly trips to Washington, D.C. is getting old.
THE FIX If you stay at the Four Seasons, you can leave your clothes at the hotel. As part of the TravelLight service, your bag will be tagged and secured, clothes cleaned, shoes polished, and then all will be left waiting for you—unpacked, if you want—when you check back in. Rates, $415-$4,500; 202-342-0444; www.fourseasons.com.