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A scent of their own

Pillow menus, cashmere sheets, vicuña bathrobes—hotels are forever searching for amenities that will give them an edge over their competitors. The latest game of one-upmanship is being played out in the bathroom, as some of the great hoteliers are creating products found only in their rooms and spas.

THE ROYAL CRESCENT HOTEL People have always come to Bath, England, to take the waters. The Royal Crescent gives that tradition a twist with its chic Numbers collection—30 lotions, toners, oils, and shampoos. www.royalcrescent.co.uk

FAIRMONT HOTELS & RESORTS A new liaison between Fairmont Hotels and Miller Harris brings us these sensational soaps and shampoos in lemon-lime Citron Citron and honeysuckle-laced Fleur du Matin. www.fairmont.com

FONTEVERDE NATURAL SPA RESORT The pros at this Tuscany retreat claim to have at last harnessed the water's natural calcium and sodium for their shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, and body lotion. 39-0578/57-241; www.fonteverdespa.com

FORDOUN Elliot Ndlovu, the in-house healer at this South Africa lodge, based his Essence of Africa line on Zulu traditions. Ingredients include indigenous African potato, wild cannabis, and marula oils. 27-33/266-6217; www.fordoun.com

CLARIDGE'S The London hotel has just introduced its own beautiful soaps, creams, and candles with the hotel's signature scent: a mix of Turkish rose, Indian jasmine, and Russian wild coriander. 44-207/629-8860; www.claridges.co.uk