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Techno Toy

The Hoodie of the Future


The Hoodie of the Future

British clothier Vollebak makes garments for today’s superhero.

A Curated Kitchen

Food and Drink

A Curated Kitchen

Cookware to stir the soul.

Making the Cut


Making the Cut

A knife expert’s tips on upping your game in the kitchen.

If Apple's iPod is the Goliath of digital audio players, what does that make the Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra? Possibly David, with a 60-gigabyte slingshot. Other hard-drive-based pocket players have come out (like Dell and Samsung), but for our money, the Zen Xtra has the edge. For $400, it has more storage (the largest-capacity iPod holds 40 gigabytes) and a 14-hour battery (the iPod's is 8), and it sounds just as fabulous. It's a little heavier than an iPod (7.9 ounces), but for serious techies, it's worth the weight.


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