At Table

Raynaud's newest pattern

Allow us to take a small liberty with Tom Stoppard's idea that red and blue are primary colors, but orange—not yellow—is a mystical experience. Raynaud's newest pattern, Cristobal, created by Paris-based interior designer Alberto Pinto, is an exuberant arrangement of rich-orange coral branches on white porcelain with gold detailing. There are 60 pieces in the collection, ranging from large buffet plates to petite sake cups. The width of the deep-coral-red banding widens and narrows between plate sizes, and gold rims adorn the inside lip of the cups. Salt and pepper shakers replicate sea urchins, knife-rests are shaped like coral sea branches, and handles on tureens and covered dishes are odd-sized bits of porcelain, like the pieces of coral one finds while walking along a beach. For information: 732-751-0500.

On the cooler side of the color spectrum, French manufacturer Gien introduces the Alice faience collection, designed by Valérie Roy. A fresh and soothing display of spring's most beloved posies—deep-indigo muscari, snow-white galanthus, and pansies in royal blue and white—dance across plates and around cups, teapots, and vases on pearlized backdrops of shimmering white and pale celadon. For information: 800-777-0100.