Sushi School

California Sushi Academy, Venice

Venice, CA
"Do you like to cook," I ask the fellow next to me. He looks up from struggling with his makisu, the bamboo mat used to roll sushi into shape, and says, "No, I like to eat sushi." Which is the reason to take the three-hour introductory sushi-making course held most weekend mornings at the one-and-a-half-year-old California Sushi Academy. The first sushi school registered in the state, it trains professional sushi chefs in a pair of three-month courses that cost $1,925 each. But in one Sunday morning we learned to construct basic tuna and cucumber rolls, California rolls, and "rainbow" rolls (made with tuna, shrimp, salmon, halibut, and yellow tail). "We charge $10 for that next-door," said the instructor, referring to Hama, the restaurant that runs the school. Tuition: $80. 1500 Main Street; 310-581-0213; fax 310-581-5272.