Storied Table Linens

French luxury house Christofle

French luxury house Christofle introduced table linens in 1994, adding an essential element to chairman—and sixth-generation descendant—Maurizio Borletti's dictate: "All tableware, but only tableware." In 1842, jeweler Charles Christofle acquired the patent for a fabric made entirely of metallic threads. Christofle's original hangings, in metal and silver filigree, adorned palaces and churches but were discontinued when he became a silversmith. Today one can almost see the past shimmer in two new table-linen collections, Lettres and Ecriture, which are inspired by the engraved patterns and monograms on sterling flatware and hollowware. Lettres are heavyweight damasks (in white, taupe, rose, and argent), and Ecriture (in white, taupe, sky blue, and argent) are diaphanous cotton voiles. $100-$275. 877-728-4556.