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Actually, the water is anything but still at the Park Hyatt Toronto's progressive new spa, where soothing sounds of waterfalls spilling over tiles and streams that run under the glass floor send a subliminal message to frayed nerves. The theme continues with the Aqua Massage ($90), in which guests float in a 98-degree pool while being treated to light stretching and shiatsu pressure-point massage. For the Anti Jet Lag Massage ($70), guests lie back in a deep tub infused with eucalyptus, sage, and rosemary while a therapist wielding a hand-held water jet smooths the seams between time zones. In the waterless Massage Suite, two can be pummeled simultaneously over house-made truffles as a roaring fireplace helps warm the muscles. While waiting for a summons from the spa concierge, guests can retreat to a private cabana to watch the Maple Leafs storm the ice; meditate in front of the Tea Room's tropical fish tank with a hot cup of lemon-and-linden herbal brew; or complete the spa experience with a low-fat lunch: a bento box of seared ahi tuna drizzled with wasabi. At 4 Avenue Rd.; 800-778-7477, 416-926-2389.


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