Spa Report

On the Mayan Riviera

Those crafty ancient Mayans were even more advanced than we thought. The sensational new Kinan Spa at the Maroma Resort in Quintana Roo, Mexico, draws on not only Mayan astrological principles (the soaring structure itself is aligned with the stars) but also a battery of centuries-old healing techniques. The Purifying Body Kinku, a scrub using corn, cucumber, and tamarind, is followed by a slathering of ginger, long pepper, and cloves and then a banana-leaf wrap. The Jantzu therapy involves meditating as the practitioner submerges you in water (not for control freaks). The spa also provides a temazcal, the Mayan version of an Indian sweat lodge, as well as palapas for meditating, beachfront massages, and sipping pineapple-and-chaya juice. There are, of course, more than a few contemporary touches, particularly the food: marinated shark taco, scallop carpaccio with citrus dressing and mango, and asparagus gratin with chayote. Later this year Maroma will open four 800-square-foot suites, each with its own massage and meditation area. Rates, $410-$4,190; 866-454-9351;

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