Shanghai Express

This city moves so quickly that every time I leave for a few weeks, I come back to find a whole new world of restaurants. And because my friends always tell all their friends to ask my advice about where to eat in Shanghai, I have to keep up. These are my new favorites.


For street food, go to the intersection of Changle and Xiangyang North Road. But for something fancier try Vienna Café; I’m obsessed with Austrian food and culture, and this is where I get my fix. 25 Shaoxing Rd., House 2; 86-21/6445-2131;


The Secret Garden lives up to its name—it’s tucked away off a busy street and done in a very thirties Shanghai decor with a beautiful outdoor area and excellent dim sum. 333 Changle Rd.; 86-21/5405-0789


I love the variety of Chinese and French teas Song Fang Maison de Thé tracks down, but I also go there because the robin’s-egg-blue-and-red cups and saucers are so great to look at—and they’re all for sale. 227 Yongjia Rd.; 86-21/6433-8283


Glamour Bar, Bar Rouge, New Heights… There are wonderful places for drinks here. Face is the lounge in the Rui Jin Guesthouse hotel. There are antique Chinese beds and colorful silk pillows everywhere. Very decadent. 118 Ruijin 2 Rd., Bldg. 4; 86-21/6466-4328;


For cozy home-style local cuisine, 1931 is best (112 Maoming Nan Rd.; 86-21/6472-5264); for high-glamour Shanghai, I like YongFoo Elite (200 Yong Fu Rd.; 86-21/5466-2727;; and for white-tablecloth French, Hamilton House (137 Fuzhou Rd.; 86-21/6321-0586;

Fashion designer and contributing editor Han Feng splits her time between Shanghai and New York.