Shanghai’s Best Textiles Shops

For textiles and custom-made clothes, Shi Liu Pu Fabric Market ($ 168 Dong Men Rd.) is the place to go in Shanghai: four floors and about 300 shops selling cloth, from peasant-print cottons to traditional Chinese silk. Most have a tailor on premises and an extensive design-inspiration look book, and finished items can be dropped off at visitors’ hotels the next day. I’ve found these favorites during my years as a designer.

For bespoke button-down shirts, the best is Jazz Tailor Made Shirts ($ shop no. 115), where clients can choose the type of collar, cuff, cloth, and cut. And for businessmen and women, Shanghai Double Win Dress ($ no. 143) specializes in custom suits. As its name suggests, Chinese Traditional Fabric (no. 105) sells all types of Asian prints and makes lovely handbags and jackets, while Hang Zhou Guo Da Silk Brocade ($ no. 123) sews a very pretty qípáo—a high-neck mandarin-collar dress—from its seemingly endless yards of silk.

Then there’s Dean Ding ($ 86-137/9521-2352), a textile guru and tailor who takes high-profile clients fabric shopping for her custom designs, which Ding then tailors to a perfect fit.

If the scale of the market still overwhelms, I have two suggestions. At 2002 Hai Shang-Ming Qing (201 Chang Le Rd.) there are traditional Chinese prints and ready-made women’s pieces. The delicate craftwork in their jackets and qípáo linings is exquisite. And for men, The Executive by T & Co. (59 Maoming Nan Rd.), on Shanghai’s version of Savile Row, is a standout for suits.

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