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Scents and Sensibility

Paris' luxury perfume shop Diptyque

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Finding the Keys

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The Perfect Cup

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"Entering a room that smells good makes you feel happy," says Luc Carlavan, export manager of Paris' luxury perfume shop Diptyque. The Saint-Germain-des-Prés boutique has been specializing in clients' well-being since its founding in 1961 by three artisan parfumeurs, who began creating their celebrated bougies parfumées (scented candles) by infusing wax with the house's natural fragrances. Today, Diptyque offers 48 different candles, whose scents can conjure a garden in bloom (jasmine, iris, rose), a home at Christmas (pomander, cinnamon, myrrh), or a forest at dawn (moss, cedar, oak). Eaux de toilette, soaps, and room vaporizers are also available. 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris, France; 33-1-43-26-45-27. For select stores across the United States, visit


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