Say It With Flowers

London's Wild At Heart

There you are in London, in need of a thank-you bouquet for the friend who made you dinner last night. Where do you turn? To Nikki Tibbles, founder of cult florist WILD AT HEART. No minimalist of the lone-orchid variety, Tibbles creates arrangements of delphiniums, peonies, sweet peas, cornflowers, and roses, with splashes of lavender and thyme, that capture the exuberance of an English country garden in full bloom. This apparent lack of restraint—a refreshing antidote to the stuffiness of more traditional florist culture—is in fact governed by a sophisticated art. Tibbles and her team share that art at her new school, BE WILD AT HEART, in Notting Hill. Classes, which run from a one-day session to a four-week series, include creating tied bouquets and planted bowls, working with single colors (like this artful display of pink hydrangeas floating in goldfish bowls), and wiring up a wedding display. One-on-one instruction can also be arranged. Courses: $320-$6,400. Main shop: 49A Ledbury Rd.; 44-207-727-3095. School: Unit 5 Wellington Close; 44-207-229-1263;