Sardinian Tiles

Cerasarda, established by the Aga Khan

When the Aga Khan transformed Sardinia's Emerald Coast into a premier travel destination in 1962, he also established Cerasarda to produce tile for the area's villas and hotels. Bright colors, magical glazes, and undulating designs emulate the waves breaking not far beyond the factory and capture perfectly the feel of the island. Most distinctive is the crackled glaze—a stunning surface of liquid glass that develops weblike cracks when cooled, imbuing the tile with depth and transparency that make the colors intense and giving the surface a three-dimensional quality. Cerasarda's tiles are available in varied sizes and shapes (borders, liners, trim), giving architects and interior designers license to create their own patterns. "Just as with only twenty-six letters one can write an entire Bible," says General Manager Gianni Manozzi. $8-$10 per square foot. Available in the United States through Ex Inc.; 155 East 56th Street, New York, NY; 212-758-2593.