Respublika at 3 a.m.

It may not be a club or a casino, but Respublika is still one of the centers of Moscow’s nightlife. This new 24/7 "cul­tural supermarket," which is abuzz with shoppers even in the wee hours of the morning, offers up the newest gad­gets from Apple, übercool toys from Hong Kong, the latest coffee-table tomes, and just about anything else a consumption-crazy society might desire. But it’s the book-buying experience that has older Muscovites scratching their heads in wonder. Under the Soviet system you had to point to a volume behind a coun­ter and look at it under the strict eyes of a saleswoman. Today you can pick one out and take it to the toilet with you. Now that’s progress. Note: Don’t miss Respublika’s info board, called a pin wall because anyone can tack up anything he or she wants. It’s on the second floor, next to the café. Grab a latte and check out that unofficial information hub for local cultural life. At 10 First Ulista Tverskaya-Yamskaya; 7-495/250-4726.