Rent Frank Sinatra's House

Dan Chavkin / Beau Monde Villas

Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs home has been restored and is for rent.

Frank Sinatra’s parties—marked by a Jack Daniel’s flag flying over his home—were legendarily debauched. His HQ was Twin Palms, a beautiful 1947 compound designed by E. Stewart Williams. Now restored, the four-bedroom home bears traces of Sinatra’s salad days. There’s still a crack in a bathroom sink from a rumored dispute involving Lana Turner, his then-wife Ava Gardner and a bottle of whiskey. The piano-shaped pool, however, is in perfect condition. The home is now available to rent and comes with a concierge, who will arrange anything from a chef to a security guard. From $2,600 per night; 760-318-2090;