Q+A: Juliette Binoche

Back in 1995 Academy Award–winning actress Juliette Binoche had women the world over spritzing Lancôme’s Poême fragrance hoping for just a bit of that French femininity she so embodies. Now it’s antiaging concerns that have the 44-year-old promoting Lancôme’s Rénergie Microlift R.A.R.E. skincare line and its newest product, Superior Firming night cream.

Where do you live these days?

I moved a half hour outside of Paris because I needed to see the seasons, to have a garden.

Do you have a secret beauty address in Paris?

My address is my shower [Laughs]. It’s very homey. Practical.

Is there a ritual you do?

When I take my shower I massage my face in the morning with a cream mask to put life into my skin, to oxygenate it. And I clean my face cautiously at night.

Are there any products you must always have?

Believe it or not, when I started working with Lancôme more than ten years ago, I knew all the products and used them. For me, there’s none better than Bi-Facil [eye-makeup remover]. Everything comes off so easily. I can’t find anything better.

Do you escape to any spas?

I do once in a while, but my life is too busy. I take care of myself. I really pay attention to my skin and hair. And I eat organic. When I’m in a hotel, I may use the spa, but I don’t go to a resort specifically for it.

How do you relax?

At night, when I sleep. And when I read. I read before I go to bed. And I relax when I read to my two children. Yes, I love that moment.